E-Commerce Product Entry

Do your suppliers send you PDF catalogs or hard to understand spreadsheets with new items for your store?  We can help. Our E-Commerce Product Management staff will enter and organize your inventory to your exact specifications.   Make sure you’re always offering your customers the latest and greatest your suppliers have to offer by getting their items online before your competition does.

E-Commerce Product Management

Pricing changes, discontinued items, new additions or options, SKU changes, etc.   All of these are a common part of any online store’s catalog. Keeping up with all of it can be daunting and take huge amounts of time.  Our trained staff can sync your store with any source to make sure you always have the right items in front of your customer’s eyes.

We handle pricing adjustments, photo updating, product removal & addition, attribute editing and data cleaning. All you have to do is give us the source of the information and we’ll handle the rest.  So close that pricing spreadsheet and send us an email!

Product Description & Content Editing

So, you’ve copied the information off the product box… now what?  Sure it’s true that Google gives E-Commerce companies a little break on matching specification info, but that’s just enough not to get you penalized.  With Google’s Panda now roaming the block you need to make sure your product pages have plenty of bamboo unique content to keep him happy.

That’s where we come in. Let our content management team create unique descriptions for your items and expand your wording to improve the power of your pages.  A little embellishment on those drab product factory notes can go a long way toward a successful SEO strategy by capturing long tail keywords and search hits.

User Generated Content Solutions

Let Tydal Wave connect you with trustworthy and value driven services that place the content creation task directly on the back of your visitors. Through Q & A services customers can not only receive a higher level of service from your store, but also connect with other buyers to answer questions they may have. The best part is that all of this conversation can be embedded into your product pages and provide a wealth of common phrases to your content.

It’s a long tail SEO’s dream and you never have to touch a keyboard. It also provides huge amounts of product specific unique content. Our vendors have implemented successful strategies for our current clients, contact us today and put them into action for you too!

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