Email Marketing Strategy

Are you taking full advantage of the most profitable sales channel of all? 

Email Marketing is far and away the most powerful way to drive sales to your website. We can help you integrate and leverage the most popular and user-friendly Email Service Provider on the market today: Mail Chimp!

Tydal Wave Creative is an official Mail Chimp Agency Partner.  Using the right provider for your business’ email marketings is imperative to ensure all the right data can be gathered from your visitors and leveraged to increase your site’s earning potential. Create your account today by clicking the button below to take advantage of these management services:

  • Account setup – Start sending today!
  • Implementation – Strategies to bring your campaigns to life.
  • Automation – We’ll help you setup the automated email responders that are proven to increase customer loyalty and conversion.
  • Contact Growth – Grow your contact list and expand your reach.
  • Deliverability – Ensure your emails are hitting inboxes, not spam folders.
  • Email / Cart Integration

  • Campaign Creation

  • Email Automation

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Contact List Growth

  • Transactional Emails